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North Van Lines
Moving Company

Contemporary, infallible packing techniques to insure your belongings are safe and sound. Pre and post moving services: packing, unpacking, crating, uncrating, disassembly, assembly, shipping of artwork, appliances, and cars.

Free delivery of packing supplies. If you wish to pack your belongings yourself (i.e. clothes, books, dishes, linen, toys, etc.) we will deliver packing supplies directly to you, free of charge. You only pay for the supplies used.

SKYPE Video Estimates, over-the-phone, online estimates Via email are available, for your convenience. Pertinent information and links about your new location.

On-site, over-the-phone, or online estimates are available, for your convenience. Pertinent information and links about your new location.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We understand the complexity of moving your home or business, and we appreciate that every customer is unique with individual needs, questions, and concerns. Our experienced Relocation Team combines many years of moving and customer-service experience and is at your service to assist you in putting together a relocation package that best suits your personal situation. No one is a number here - You have our undivided attention.

No matter where you are moving to or from, our corporate vision is to provide each customer with the total relocation package: expert service at a competitive price. We will be by your side during your entire relocation process from start to finish, supporting you during each phase, adjusting to your changing needs.

We are professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and focused on developing and nurturing our client relationships. We are in this with you for the long haul. Our goal is simple: Not only do we want to move you NOW -- we want to move you from NOW ON!


Moving is not as tedious as it is projected by many individuals and some companies. All it takes is some planning and the right professional assistance. Most people are obsessed with moving company quotes that at times they lose to focus on the other aspects of a move. When you go for a comprehensive plan, it is easier to get the job done with least hassles.

A professional mover like North Van Lines specialize in relocating hundreds of people throughout the country. In association with other small time companies, they help you move to even the remotest corner in the country. Going to big cities are much easier because there are always trucks heading their way and you can easily find a great budget package especially if moving on a weekday.