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Excellent and On time

The experience has been quite comprehensive right from the start. I would like to say that the customer support executive was very responsive. They didn’t just ditch me after we hired them and paid half of the sum. Instead, frequent calls were made to ensure the team is working as instructed. They even called me once the entire job was done. I gave the team a five star rating through phone. It wasn’t enough but I was totally satisfied with the job and the North vanlines company. The team satisfied our requirements and kind of delivered more than we paid for.
oliver on 2017-05-22

These People Rocked!

I am really upset that I didn’t tip them more! Seriously, it might sound like an exaggeration but the team really rocked and it was a pleasant experience right from the start. Everything was organized. The move was planned and started in time. They arrived much earlier which made it easier for me to instruct them on the areas to cover and the goods that need special packing. We were really surprised to see that it was in pitch perfect condition on arrival. Thank you guys! I highly recommend North vanlines. Not only for the good job done but for pricing as well.
Joshua on 2017-05-19

Satisfied customer here

I had the chance to hire North vanlines. We really couldn’t have asked for a better move. The experience was totally worth it. The number of items including some equipment, gym accessories, televisions were there in my home. It is obvious that they require proper packing. I was so worried about the hassle of claiming an insurance if it happens that way. But, luckily it never happened as the packing was tight and up to the point. The goods were safely delivered because of these guys who took the pain to pack it with utmost attention. The moving experience was totally positive right from the start to the end.
kristo on 2017-05-18

We managed to move with ease

My family consists of seven and that’s really a big family. We had so much of stuff to pack. There were a group of 6 guys from North vanlines as we requested more people than usual. Our house had five different bedrooms and it took almost five hours to just pack and load them. Another couple more hours to unload them in the venue. I am really happy with the quality of service rendered and the team for doing such a good job. They were dedicated to the task and worked ever since they arrived at my home. The entire family helped them but the big items were not an easy move. Really recommended for anyone.
Andrew on 2017-05-16

It was a smooth move

North Vanlines movers were so professional that we were amazed at their efficiency and their skill to get the job done earlier than estimated. In the past decade, we have hired piano moving services at least thrice. But, the level of competence displayed by North Van Lines was extremely high. My wife was convinced that we must hire this company after reading positive reviews on them. After all, those who have sufficient experience were supposed to handle things in an expert manner. The persons, I am not sure about their names, made happy us to the core. I remember this one guy named peter who kept instructing everybody on how to move the piano. While it is normal for us to get tensed during the move, their knowledge gave us the much needed assurance. It was a smooth move! I would wholeheartedly endorse them for anyone and have already recommended the company to one of my friends. Thank you guys!
jenson on 2017-05-12

Good customer experience

The best part about hiring North vanlines is that the company’s guys were never pushy and allowed us to pack on our own accord. We were totally doing it in our own pace. There were plenty of small items to get into the cartons and some were very fragile. The team helped us put them into cartons we have already purchased from the shop. It was a satisfying experience on the whole because of the support lent by the guys. They loaded it into the truck once the entire job is done. Being able to do it without being hurried up was so good that I might hire them always.
matthew on 2017-05-10

Start to End Satisfactory

I actually paid for two guys to help me move my room as I had to change my university. But, surprisingly, the team sent three of them. The extra hand was really helpful to get the job done especially when handling fragile, large items. No damage was done. It was a welcome relief for me and my roommate. The quote was very affordable. Service was quick and clean. They helped us till the end of the day, quite happy with the company. I am sure to say them to anyone who might be looking to relocate to the regions they serve.
griffin on 2017-05-08

A Moving Experience

Just kidding! We were really happy as a whole because with a family of seven, it ain’t easy for any company to handle the stuff we have. A total of five guys came in and despite the bad weather conditions, they managed to get the job done in time. Separate wrapping was done for most items, especially those that are pricey or fragile. The job was done on a weekend with nominal additional charges. There’s nothing more we could ask for. North vanlines is a cool company to opt for! A moving experience that left good memories with all of us.
casilos on 2017-05-05

Excellent customer service

I really couldn't pinpoint just one best aspect about North vanlines because they had a bunch of positive things to talk about. The customer service was simply brilliant and the sales person with whom I was in touch throughout the move took care that the job was done in time and with perfection. She was prompt to respond to my e-mails and phone calls. The crew compromised of four people which was more than enough to pack my belongings and load them into the truck. I think their efficiency made it possible to do everything in just 3 hours. Superb, guys!
carter on 2017-05-04

On time, responsive and responsible

Alex, Mathew, Brenner and Rob were the four men team who arrived at my home from North vanlines. They came at least ten minutes earlier and scanned the items to plan things beforehand which was a wise move. Packing was exactly clean and utmost attention was given to fragile items. The crew was not only on time but were responsible in handling my goods as their own and responded to my every query patiently. They were quite aware of a lot of ways to pack things which us, common people may never knew off. Being a pro company, I am sure they would satisfy any customer.
sulliven on 2017-05-02

Smoothest Move

North van lines were just amazing. I called them and got a quote in a 5 minutes conversation. They were friendly and extremely efficient. Everything was about timing with them. They arrived early, packed up quickly and made the delivery on time. Very few companies care about punctuality like they do. The movers were great. They were experienced and energetic. A special mention must go to their foreman who worked just tirelessly. He always had a solution for everything. I relocated with all my belongings intact. I only have these amazing movers to thank for.
John Reena on 2017-01-25

No Worries!

Moving companies are just so ridiculously priced these days. However, there is North van lines which are not expensive at all. This company really wants to provide quality services to the middle class people. They have vans that work just fine. They employ men who are experienced enough. They charge you pretty low but really give you a great service. They took such good care of me and all my stuffs when I hired them. I am forever grateful to North van lines.
Thompson on 2017-01-23

Such A Great Service

Most of the furniture I own is really heavy and old, so naturally I was concerned for how they would travel. But the movers from North van lines took great care of them while moving them from Buffalo, NY to Augusta, ME. The movers really paid attention to the old pieces and packed them so delicately. They made sure they stacked everything properly inside the van so nothing damages during the journey. They made the delivery right on time. The movers unpacked everything and put them where they belonged. I did not see the men complaining even for once. It was a great relocation only for these strong men.
Larson Fedrick on 2017-01-21

Convenient Moving!

I wasnt happy that I had to move to Detroit in these troubled times. I was especially sad having to leave Union City. North van lines made the move easy for me and my family. We were dreading having to pack up 12 hours of our lives in Union City but the men sent from the company did it in just over 3 hours. They were so efficient and always attentive. Never did they lose focus on the job and damaged anything. I was quite impressed by the professionalism displayed by these guys. All my valuables were delivered on time to Detroit and all the pieces survived the journey superbly.
Jammy Cohen on 2017-01-19

Highly Recommended

When I first called North van lines, their quote seemed quite high. But after I compared their quote with others, it seemed nothing but reasonable. They sent over four movers sharp at 7 am to my house. They looked very strong and capable. They proved their worth by efficiently packing up all my belongings into boxes. They used enough packing materials to safeguard the boxes. The loading process went very smoothly and soon they were on their way. When the delivery was made, everything was in great condition. I still cant believe how cheap and easy this move turned out to be!
Aydinn Ben on 2017-01-17

Quality Service

I really have no words to describe how good North van lines are. They gave me an amazing quote to begin with. The customer service was prompt and friendly. The movers and the van pulled up in front of my house at NYC sharp on the clock. They packed everything carefully and then completed the loading process. I saw them taking a thorough inventory. They made the delivery on time as well. The foreman showed me the inventory and matched it with everything. Nothing was lost, damaged or broken. My belongings made it safely to Minneapolis, MN. I am just blown away by their efficiency.
Asher Cain on 2017-01-16

True To Their Word

Given the amount of things I needed to be moved, I just could not do it on my own. So, I hired North van lines to handle the move. This company made my move so much easier. Their quote was more than reasonable. They kept me in the loop and I did not even get to become suspicious once. The crew arrived sharp on time. They were properly equipped and got to work immediately. They worked very efficiently for 3 hours packing every item. Frankly, I could not even imagine this process could take so less time. They delivered my stuffs on time and everything arrived safely. I am so relieved.
David Lemuel on 2017-01-14

Great Job

North van lines did not give me the lowest quote but they provided amazing value for the money I paid. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while since they had to cover a long way. But they delivered right on time. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. This level of efficiency is so rare these days.
Alexander Lindsey on 2017-01-12

Worth It

I was not looking forward to a huge bill at the end of my move. I asked North van lines several times to notify me of any changes in the bill if required. Four movers arrived on time and finished packing everything from my 3-bedroom apartment in just an hour and half. They used a lot of packing tapes and bubble wraps which made me wonder if it would cost me extra. They delivered on time as well. When I saw the final bill I realized that most of the packing materials were free. I only had to pay for the boxes which did not cost much. I am glad they kept their words and did not overcharge me.
Luie Henderson on 2017-01-10

No Hassle

This is the best company I’ve ever used so far. The crew of three did a wonderful job moving from my apartment to a house. The guys are real pros, got it done so fast and with great care and quality. Very caring movers. Dispatcher called me the next day to make sure all went well too. Amazing customer service. Thank you so much for your service. Looking forward to use again in future. I will recommend you to my friends as well.
Sheena Ricardo on 2017-01-09

Had A Great Experience

I was completely panicked given how hastily I had to move. But they made my moving experience very pleasant. They are not your average moving company that is made up of inexperienced yet strong looking men. Their movers were very professional and knew exactly how to do their job. They were done packing and loading everything from my apartment in just 2 hours. The delivery was made on time and there were no damages. I really appreciate the high standards this company maintains.
David Salah on 2017-01-08

Great Work

I was real satisfied with my move today the guys were professional and they really handled my furniture with care I was not totally packed but they still took care of me as a valued customer i will use this company in the future as well as recommend you to family and friends I was worried but these men took very good care of me as a customer i am very satisfied with my move
Johnson Abhi on 2017-01-06

Professional And Efficient Moving Team

Relocations come at a price. So far, I have lost many expensive items, thanks to the moving companies. So, for my move, I was not going to hire any inefficient moving company. I did my research thoroughly and most reviews online pointed towards North van lines. I called them and got a quote within 10 minutes. They kept me in the loop during the days before the move through emails. On the moving day, 4 movers arrived right on time with all their equipment. They wasted absolutely no time in packing everything. All my belongings were safely packed into boxes and then loaded onto the vans. It was such an organized process that it took almost no time. When the delivery was made, nothing was broken or lost. It was by far the easiest and most cost effective relocation of mine.
Varghees Mclaughlin on 2017-01-05

Stress Free move

I hired North van lines based on their reputation to transport my belongings to Pearland, TX from Trenton, NJ. Their resources are huge as they very often do interstate moving. I talked to the company on the phone and they were so friendly. They gave me a quote that was so cheap. They sent 4 men and all of them were very skilled. They made my move so easy. They made the delivery on time and everything had travelled well. It was the most effortless move of my life.
Rueda Timothy on 2017-01-05

Great move

North van lines were not just a moving company when they moved my belongings from Saddle Brook, NJ to Baltimore, MD. They were my moving companion. They showed up on time and worked very efficiently. In 2 hours, they finished packing and loading everything from my 3-bed house. I give credit where credit is due and these movers deserve all the credits I can give them. The delivery was made on time and everything arrived in great condition except my piano. I am absolutely elated with the amazing services they provided. But little heartbroken for the scratches on my piano.
Clack Fletcher on 2017-01-03


Expect your estimate to be double what you agree upon. Many many hidden fees and charges. They say that they wrap your things for free, but charge you for every box and bubble wrap.
Paul Secola on 2016-12-25

Outstanding move

I had a superb experience with North Van Lines; they were very polite, friendly and helpful. They made the whole transition as easy as possible. They worked at prompt pace. They had to walk up and down three flights of narrow stairs to carry my items on the truck. But they had always smile on their face. After the delivery, I phoned them as I was missing a small item and they searched it and called me back saying they found the piece on their truck. They dispatched the item on the next day. It was a great service. I admire them and honestly suggest everyone to hire them for an outstanding move.
Venish Caprio on 2016-12-13

Most trustworthy mover, I ever seen

North Van Lines was our mover, quite professional and seemed they knew their job well. Matthew was very careful of my needs and very helpful. His professionalism made the move easier. I had more stuffs then I initially listed. I was overwhelmed when Matthew handled the situation. The crews were like family members, they took care of every moving item in such a way as if those belonged to them. All crews were cooperative and the entire move went smoothly. When I handed over my items to the mover, I was just released; I had no worry, no headache for any longer. I knew the items were in good hands and I was extremely correct. The result I found when they delivered. Everything was its previous condition, not a single scratch. There was no hidden or secret charge, quite fare rate. Here I must compliment the person whom North Van Lines sent to estimate, His quote was very close to the final rate. I would like to thank them again and hope they will be available if I ever move.
Luie Henderson on 2016-12-12

Absolutely Great Job

The packers came the day before and were very helpful and expert in packing any delicate items. They finished packing all the items in record time. The move itself was made as easy as it can be. Movers were courteous, considerate and above all very clever! I have moved home six times in the last 10 years and have used some of the big names in moving business as well as small companies. I have had awful experiences with both. But this time I was really so lucky and North van lines was completely different than the others. They delivered everything before the expected time and there were not a single scratch on any of my possessions. Really a great job!
Aario Hoffman on 2016-11-29

Amazing Crew

I had to change my moving schedule at the last minute, but that didn’t cause any issue. The crew from North van lines arrived at 5 pm on Sunday as they promised, packed everything securely and came back the next day to load those into the truck and then started to my new house. They were friendly and gracious. On arrival at the new house they quickly unloaded my stuff, assembled the furniture they had dismantled and left everything inside the rooms. Price wise they were noticeably cheaper than the others. We are very happy with the move.
Derbis Wesley on 2016-11-21

Wonderful job

I moved locally last week and the move went perfect. I had a ton of boxes and they came and took them away with ease. I was thrilled that my new home was finished and I called these guys, they were there less than a week later. Disassembled my bed and my sectional couch, plastic wrap n all!!! Wonderful job from North van lines and we are so happy that we chose this company.
Watson Johney on 2016-11-21

Good job

I heard a lot about North van lines from my cousin who used them few months ago. That is why I hired this company for a small but tricky move. They responded really well to the task. The team of this company applied their skills and innovation to the fullest and made the move look so easy. They completed the move before the schedule and made sure that I do not have to deal with broken or damaged stuffs. Great work guys just try to keep it up.
Louis Patrick on 2016-11-08

Reliable people

The people at North Van Lines are quite reliable. I was happy that I found them through a friend’s recommendation. They stood up to their name and offered fantastic service. Even when we came across an issue with additional tasks and work hours, all I had to do was make a call to the company and they sorted it out in minutes with a nominal fee. I think most companies would have pushed the overall cost because I had to hire additional services on the go. Besides, the goods were promptly packed and delivered to my new address. I should also congratulate the truck drive for his impeccable driving. The items were in mint condition. Thanks a ton, people!
Freddie Max on 2016-10-30

Long distance move – satisfied customer here

When I had to move to Boston from California, it was a tedious idea right from the start. I knew I had to spend a lot of time finding the right moving company. North Van Lines came out of the blue and took me by surprise with their punctuality, dedication, quality of service and courteous approach. I think it was a slight miscalculation that led to a minor injury when they were loading my heavy couch. My husband helped them with simple first aid and the guys were back at their job without a break. Such a pleasant surprise to see that these people put the customer first. I tipped them generously at the end of the day.
Henry Jack on 2016-10-26

They make tough jobs look easy

I should say, moving experience was quite dreadful because we came one obstacle after another. The crew from North Van Lines didn’t give up so easily. I am glad to have hired a company I am familiar with. Our piano was really large and I forgot to inform them earlier. Without the right tools, it was so difficult. But, they managed it. It took more than an hour to dismantle my home theater system. The team did it without losing their patience and I am thankful. It took three additional hours but they charged me for only one and half hours! Surprised! Companies usually like to exceed their quote but this one don’t.
Ralph Thompsons on 2016-10-21

Stress-free, punctual and most important friendly service

The pricing was surprisingly reasonable that made me pick this company. I had a long chat with the customer care department. They explained various bundles offered by the team and the quote. It was also confirmed that North Van Lines don’t charge you on an hourly basis for total relocation. We had four bedrooms in our home and I was sure it will take five hours or more to get them vacated. I picked the package that best suited my requirement and the final bill was the same as the suggested quote. Really happy that they didn’t charge extra. Crew was punctual and ensured my entire family was stress-free during the move.
Kisto Jenson on 2016-10-18

The guys were phenomenal.

They were professional, smart about how they packed the truck. They did not waste time. It was hot outside but they kept on moving nonstop. Even they helped us in packing and moving the things into place. They cared our things as it was theirs. Their work was ethnic and invaluable. I would like to hire them again. After all they were phenomnal.
Utsav Aryan on 2016-10-14

Great job, amazing crew

I should have done this review at least a couple of days ago. We hired North Van Lines movers and the crew were the best at what they do. The crew led by Matt took their time to assess the requirement in my home. They were courteous to let us attend to our packing and other stuff. After the initial analysis, they got to work. It barely took them three hours but by that time the entire job was done. All my goods were in the truck. When they unloaded it in our new house, they were in clean condition. Very patient and dependable people. I would rate them five stars.
Flynn Fitsherbert on 2016-10-06

Good attention to details

The team led by Dave were really keen to ensure every furniture and items were securely loaded in. They even fixed a broken arm in a chair, glued it and loaded it in the truck. I was quite surprised with their attention to detail. Such quality customer service. And, the pricing was right on mark. No hidden charges. No additional costs or confusions at all. What was provided in the proposed quote paper was on my bill. I would love to recommend North Van Lines to any friend of mine. Great work and it was all done in the least possible time. Perfect!
Milan Javdekar on 2016-10-01

Easy move

North Van Lines made moving so easy I really couldn’t believe how they managed to pull it off. Moving horror stories are plenty and I have my own share of stories to relate to until I found this company. I guess, this is like the fourth time I am hiring them. I continue to recommend them for any friend of mine because their quote is always the same as the final bill. There are no drastic changes and it works very well. I could plan my budget without hassles. Besides, my items, furniture and other household stuff were never damaged during the move. So safe and done in time.
Stuart Bukky on 2016-10-01

Such friendly people they are

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly service provided by North Van Lines. They always asked us what we really need and helped us pack the items. It took about three hours to pack them all and load them in the truck. I would easily rate them five stars without any second thoughts. Glad I managed to find someone good here and will be using their services again whenever required. The organized crew were really at it. They never flinched even a bit and delivered their services with top notch quality. I couldn’t have asked for more. Perfect moving experience.
Kristein Douglaus on 2016-09-30

Pro Moving Company

I hired them. They were on time and brought the packing materials along. It was a pleasant time because they knew what they were doing. My instructions were quite limited. Having moved so many residences, I don’t think I should teach professionals on ways to pack and load a box. The truck was clean which is something I am picky about. The move was done on a weekday which ensured the final cost was within my budget. I would love to rate and review them for their dedicated service. Highly recommended. I suggested them to friends and they were quite happy with my recommendation.
Jerry Pinto on 2016-09-16

Pet friendly moving company

Honestly, they didn’t offer any package to move pets because I am supposed to keep them in my SUV. However, North Van lines crew ensured they took good care of my pet cat throughout the move. I would say they were really friendly and patient even though it took more than five hours to load them all. I was living in my home for more than ten years. So, there were too many items to pack and load. Besides, it was a four-bedroom house. My family members packed their own items but it still took time. I remember Robert being really open to suggestions and guided his entire team until the job was done.
Ashish Jefferson on 2016-09-15

Everything was well

The entire job right from packing, loading to unloading was well done. Thanks. Good job guys! Just keep doing what you are best at. I am sure you will all go places and find more loyal customers like me. I would recommend North Vanlines to anyone who would ask for me a suggestion. They were simply perfect. Trucks were spacious, clean and well-maintained. Good service. Customer support. Reliable people with customizable packages. Pricing policy was top notch. Everything was notified to me much earlier. Made it easy for me to plan expenses ahead. Packing quality excellent! Quick turnaround time! Highly recommended!
Patric Johnson on 2016-09-10

Stressfree Experience

I can’t insist more on this because the professionalism of a company is what assures you of their quality of service. North Vanlines movers with their crew simply took the stress out of me. We almost pay the same to any moving company but service quality always varies. These people offered the best. I have had some mediocre experience with other movers in the past. They did their job but this crew went the extra mile to ensure my goods are safe and to let me know they will take care of it all. Good packing and reasonable rates. The truck was completely clean and my items were neatly stacked.
Justin Staner on 2016-09-08

Easy to recommend

It is easy to recommend them! North Van lines are always on time, good and dedicated crew who never says no to your requests. I found them through an office colleague and they delivered the best. I hired them thrice in the last two years. So, this is not my first review about the company. But, when they do a very good service, I am supposed to keep dropping in the reviews right? Trusted movers are not easy to find but these people are trustworthy and take care of your items with personal attention. That’s what I am doing here and I hope you have a great experience with these movers as I did.
Ronald Travis on 2016-09-07

North Van lines – 6 Stars, Possibly!!!

I mean, I would rate them 6 stars but there’s only five available. I am not being overly enthusiastic here. Here’s why I hired them thrice in a row and what I liked about them. Highly affordable plans for every customer. Bundled packages are customized so you don’t have to pay extra. Friendly crew who even takes care of your pets if required. They kept my kids safe while the rest of the guys moved heavy furniture, glassware among other items. Dependable and punctual. Not even a minute wasted except for the lunch break. Willing to do their best, no matter what the hurdles are.
Steward Carlos on 2016-08-31

Satisfied again

I really can’t thank the team enough. North Van lines guys did their work with utmost perfection and it’s tough to find fault with these people. Loved how the crew were on time. I always prefer whoever it is to be punctual and at the venue where they are supposed to be. Like many other customers, I have had my fair share of disappointments and irritating experiences in the past. Once I came across these people, there was no looking back. I hired them once and now again. Service quality is top notch. Packing is stiff, and they took time to load them stuff. Nothing got broken or damaged which is a saving grace. After all, why would I want to keep buying them all over again.
Jessica Benjamin on 2016-08-29

Timely response

There were plenty of obstacles on our moving day and North Van lines managed to overcome all. I should really thank the customer support team and the entire crew. Without their timely response, nothing would have been possible. My earlier experience with them was good but it wasn’t so complicated as I had to move a couple of stuff. This time, however I changed my residence. While we planned earlier, the truck wasn’t for the double recliner and couch I had in my home. Within a short notice, two hours to be exact they managed to assign a new vehicle. A minor change in the final bill and it wasn’t something that was tough to handle.
Christina Stuward on 2016-08-28

Another Happy Customer Here

I read a lot, studied and did my research. I hired North Van lines like a year ago. Now, I had the opportunity to hire them again. The crew led by John is still amazing, co-operative and most of all doesn’t shove things into the truck. They took time to place them properly allowing me to be at peace. Most companies tend to get the job done asap and leave. While it is important to maintain time, our goods are priceless. Claiming insurance is a hard job and I am glad these people didn’t put me into that situation. Great work…
Steph Harriot on 2016-08-27

I would love to hire them again and again!

I had to hire North Van lines to help me move from Chicago to Springfield. They had such an amazing rapport with my entire family. We have a pet dog named Razer and they were really friendly with him. As per my instruction, the team brought a clean transportation cage for Razer. We just used it to safely keep him in our own SUV. Everything else was loaded into the truck and was delivered to us with utmost care. This is my second time with the company. I had the opportunity to experience their interstate moving package a couple of months earlier. I would hire them again and again.
Keith Melvin on 2016-08-26

Cheap goods

Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone! bkebfaedccge
Johne668 on 2016-08-25

Efficient people made me hire them one more time

Great job! The move was perfectly timed and items were packed in the most appropriate manner. I couldn’t complain about North Van lines as I knew how good they were. I had a great experience with the company. The movers impressed me. I had to hire them again and had no second thoughts about it. The booking was made at least ten days before. I particular asked for the crew led by a guy named Alex as they had so much expertise in moving stuff and packing them. If you need such custom requests, make sure to book your slot weeks ago which is the only way to go about it.
Lorenzo Jefferson on 2016-08-25

Interstate move done right

Never an easy job especially when you move from one state to another. Too much paperwork to handle. I was totally prepared and the customer care representatives from North Van lines played a huge role. They were kind enough to send me a checklist. I just followed it and no papers were missed. The truck with all my belongings managed to get to my new residence with no delay. Items were in mint condition. Proper care was take with cushioning on the sides and cartons of the right size. Everything was perfect about the move. I am thankful to them for such an amazing moving experience.
Andrew William on 2016-08-23

Absolute Professionalism

Hiring North van lines as my moving company was one of the best choices I made in my life. They were at their level best and did a cool job. Moving is tough as far as I know it. Besides, the crew has to know what the customer really needs. I was so impressed with them that I had to hire them repeatedly whenever I or someone I know had to move. They showcased absolute professionalism at every point. The goods were neatly packed and I couldn’t have asked for more. The job was well done. I was also pleasantly surprised with the pricing. Packages were plenty to choose from and I customized my own which allowed me to save a lot of money.
Dennis Filan on 2016-08-22

Excellent customer service; totally satisfied

These guys are easily one of the best movers around. I really couldn’t have found them if not for the time I spent in research and obviously my luck. I researched through a lot of moving companies. North Van lines had some of the best reviews and also had an amazing moving bundle. They allowed me to customize the services I actually need. It helped keep the pricing within my budget. John, Mathew and Alex – I am not sure If I remember their names right. They were part of the crew and helped move my items to the truck. They are not so cheap yet affordable and offer high quality services.
Anniee Roselin on 2016-08-22

Readily Affordable

Most people have a notion that it’s not good if it’s too cheap. But, North Van lines proved me wrong. The team led by Michael had four guys in it. Mine was a three-bedroom apartment, big enough to take almost a whole day. They finished wrapping all the items in just five hours. Surprising! Pricing was something of a concern at the time because I was kind of broke. I should thank them a lot for the affordable and fully customizable plans. The last time I used their service, it was for a short relocation but this one was much bigger and they handled it with so much care.
Tiffany Ellis on 2016-08-20

Good job people

I couldn’t thank North Van lines enough for their out of the box thinking. Moving companies have a fair share of responsibility. They went the extra mile to get the job done on the day. Cartons were not enough but one of the guys went to the local supermarket in my car and brought them. Can say for sure it’s not part of the job description. They saved my time and didn’t hesitate to do things essential for a smooth move. I have already found my moving company for a lifetime. They will help me move anytime and would suggest them to all friends. The cost was bit higher than I expected but it never exceeded the proposed quote.
Tristan Hedwick on 2016-08-16

Incredible experience!!!

I mean, I never thought I would say the moving experience was incredible. It’s just a usual transportation right? But, the crew from North Van lines simply brought the best people on board. They were extremely cautious with the items. Something you can’t find with many companies. But, they didn’t slow down the process either. I mean when you pay them per hour, they should finish the entire move in five hours or so. These guys got it done in just four and half. I should congratulate them. We even took photographs together. Very friendly people. I would hire them again if a need arises.
Hernandez Sanne on 2016-08-16

5 Things I Loved About This Company

Punctual – On time. Wasted no minute and they got to the job as soon as the truck arrived. Organized – they were totally organized. Ready to use the right tools to dismantle the furniture and get it inside the truck. There was no confusion at all as to who should do what. Affordable – I can’t speak for everyone. The quote provided was up to my budget and the final bill didn’t exceed it. Friendly – Had a friendly attitude. Never said no to our requests and did even the most strenuous jobs with a smiling face. Aware of the surroundings – I don’t know how to explain this but they didn’t break any item. That’s the simplest way to put it.
Aly Raisman on 2016-08-16

I love their swiftness…

My house had two rooms and some items in the garage. It should have easily taken at least four hours but these guys got it done in just two hours. Surprising and kind of unbelievable! But, they pulled it off somehow. There were three people in the crew. And, most importantly none of my goods were damaged in the move. Packing materials were supplied by me and they used the ones required to load them. North Van lines showed me great team work and how it makes any task easier than it is. Swift, reliable and most importantly careful with my goods. Couldn’t ask for more.
Eigan Thompson on 2016-08-12

Well deserved stars here!

I can easily recommend North Van lines to anyone including my friends and family. I did some research, asked people and finally shortlisted the moving company for my needs. It was all that they promised and much more. Goods were totally packed and loaded with great care. There were no complaints at all. They were all safe in the delivery point. The guys were friendly. Customer care reps attended my calls and sorted out all the issues we faced during the initial phase. They deserve all five stars for sure. Every moving company should offer the same level of perfection, professionalism and friendly approach to their customers.
Daisy Richardson on 2016-08-11

Great reviews justified

All the things I found on the internet and the testimonials where proved. North Van lines did it all perfect. I really couldn’t find any flaws with it. The crew arrived at 9:00 AM as planned and they immediately got to the job. Alex, John and Fred took care of the first floor. The other two guys, whose names I don’t remember exactly went to the ground floor.
Marily Kaufman on 2016-08-06

Quick movers, reliable and solid experience

North Van lines did a cool job! I had to move right across the street. They just sent two guys to my home which was more than enough. My last home was kind of small and it didn’t take more than two hours to get the task done. They were working really hard and managed to pack them all so quick. I was really surprised by their approach. They were professional yet friendly at the same time. We managed to get to the new home before lunch time. It also helped me save a lot of cash. The move was done within my budget, great going people!
Brandon Doroles on 2016-07-30

Very Friendly

Hired these guys from North Vanlines. It was such a friendly affair and they were never annoyed or said no to my requests. The items were packed into their respective cartons and loaded. Nothing was missed as the crew double checked each one of them to ensure they were loaded properly. Despite all the work, it took just three hours to complete the task. They were tired and we served them lemonades. The entire experience was very friendly which I never expected from a service provider. They did their job and I paid them a decent tip. Will call you people anytime again.
Marshell Leonardo on 2016-07-28

They offer complete solutions

If there is one thing that has been continuously irking me in the past is when a service provider backs off when we make a request. In all my past moves, the moving company which didn’t had any moving supplies said they could do nothing about it. Another one did something similar. I was simply annoyed and decide to spend time in research. My hard work literally paid off when I found North Van Lines. They were simply the best, complete and provided the solutions I always needed. It is something I expected from a company and I would hire them again when required.
Flora Burnette on 2016-07-26


The service was simply awesome. North Vanlines rocked from the start to end. The quote was quite reasonable. Instead of giving you a huge number, they provided break down of all the expenses and allowed me to plan my budget. Good job people! The crew also brought the necessary packing and moving tools as I didn’t have any. Punctual as expected and they go to the job instantly. Each item was individually wrapped and kept aside. When loading them, utmost care was given to them. Nothing was damaged. I am a happy customer and glad to have found a cool crew who’s best at what they do.
Katherine Ferquson on 2016-07-24

Easy to claim insurance

Each customer has a different requirement. Mine was the insurance because I hardly had much in my pocket and had to rely on the insurance claim to get the job done. North Vanlines had a very good claim policy and they also had packages that were custom made to suit the requirement. All I had to do was sign some forms, talk to the customer rep and get the move done. I just tipped them on the day of the move. No other expenses at all. Everything was taken care of the insurance company and the movers got paid later on after the bill was produced. I would really suggest them to anyone in a situation same as mine.
Johan Hemsworth on 2016-07-23

Well Balanced In Pricing and Quality

Finding a company that is good with pricing and offer kickass quality is never easy. North Vanlines did it perfectly. Prompt to respond, they spoke with me an hour to listen to my requirements. I know, that’s really long but the rep was patient to know what I need before making suggestions. I was given a choice of multiple packages to pick from. When I made some wrong choices purely based on pricing, they suggested the services I would miss. Very helpful, they were and I got what I need at two third of my budget. I would surely recommend the moving company to every friend of mine and to you.
Dorian Teasdale on 2016-07-22

My search has finally come to an end

I frequently move from one place to another because my marketing job demands it. I have had seen my fair share of good moving companies and really bad ones. It was a never ending search to find the one best mover. My search has finally come to an end with North Van Lines. The people there are prompt, responsive and helped me all along. Before the move, as there were plenty of stuff to load, I called a customer care executive. He dropped in to provide a quote. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the bill was slightly higher than the proposed quote. But, I would easily say that they did what they could to ensure I am satisfied in the end.
Linda Marshell on 2016-07-22

Promptness overloaded

The entire crew was there when I had the chance to hire North Van Lines for the first time. The customer representative explained the pricing and the services they offer. As I knew most things about the company, I didn’t go to the office. I just made a phone call and booked the slot. The crew was led by the person named George and he was very helpful. They took care of my kids when the items were being shifted. All of them were wrapped and secured. One of them was even friendly enough to hold our pet for almost an hour. I love their prompt work and friendly attitude.
Alfredo Freddie on 2016-07-21

Good service every time

I have had the opportunity to hire North Van Lines for more than five times and they have always offered the best service which is why I am here writing the review. I did post one such review long back. But, when they maintain so much consistency, I am supposed to let it to know others, I guess. One thing they maintain is that the approximate quote provided at the beginning of each move is maintained till the end. The final bill was always well within my budget because the company allowed me to plan it way ahead. Trucks were good, cleanly maintained and driven by professionals who ensure everything inside it safe till they reach the destination.
Elliottbecker on 2016-07-20

My trusted movers, anytime

North Van lines is a trusted moving company and I would always recommend them to anyone I know. I am a stringent person when it comes to quality. I never accept excuses and these people were just perfect. They arrived in time. Some cartons were missing. However, the team called their colleagues and arranged for additional packing goods. They even brought the tapes and other necessary items which kept my items safe through the journey. The time spent in loading them all into the truck was much higher but it is how one should do it. This is my third experience with this crew and they are best at what they do.
Tiffany Ellis on 2016-07-18

Simply superb

I kind of came to know about North Van Lines through a friend of mine. It was when I told him about the annoying experience I had with a random moving company, he suggested it to me. At first, I hesitated a bit but once I had the opportunity to experience their punctuality it was the end of my search. After my first short move, I hired them now to help my brother go from Pittsburg to Florida. The move was really long. It should have probably cost a fortune but these people ensured it was kept to the minimal rates. They even helped us claim insurance wherever possible and cut down costs.
Bobspektor on 2016-07-16

They were in touch with us all the time

Great communication is an important feature for every company and not just movers. North Van Lines proved it to me every time. They were constantly in touch with my family members and me. The crew always asked if the things are in place, where and how to take them. They were proactive and very careful. This is my second time with the movers. It was suggested to me by a close friend of mine. After witnessing their quality and communication, I hardly have a reason to pick someone else ever. These people will be there for me every time and for every more. I am really thankful to the entire crew.
Jason Goodman on 2016-07-14

First class service

The entire experience with North Van Lines was simply first class in every respect. Be it the quality of their service, their professionalism, punctuality or attention to detail, it was amazing right from the start. And, more importantly the crew is consistent which is why I hired them for the third time in a row. Whenever I try to find a moving company, people start sharing their bad experiences. I had some of my own but everything came to a halt once I found these people. They have the expertise and the services most would need. It is comprehensive and gets your everything done in one place.
Myra Wesley on 2016-07-12

Took good care of my goods

Whenever we hire a moving company, it’s the reliability that matters the most. If they simply shove your items into the truck, they will obviously get broken. I have had a nightmare experience a long time ago. But, North Van Lines totally changed my attitude and here I am praising them sky high. It is not without a reason! These people were dedicated to their job. Took great care of my belongings and they were in picture perfect condition on delivery. The final bill was at least ten percent lesser than the proposed quote that made me happy. I would suggest them to anyone I know.
Jeff Fracbon on 2016-07-11

Reliable crew, Quick and Affordable

The situation was really chaotic before I managed to hire North Van lines for my family. I had a short experience with the company when I had to move my studio apartment to a new address. The move was well within my proposed budget and it made my day. I guess this happened like five years ago. This time, I hired them for an interstate move. The number of rooms were much higher and it took a total of five hours for five crew members to get the work done. I was really surprised with their patience and the way they handled the work. I should say it was a quick move considering there were four bedrooms and quite affordable at the same time.
Johnson Debbie on 2016-07-08

My items were in good condition

Moving household items and fragile stuff has always been a tough job. Most movers end up breaking one or two. I spent so many hours and read so many reviews. Even had some suggestions from friends. All this happened a couple of months ago which is how I found North Van lines. Now, I am here writing a review for them for the second time. These people are just amazing. They were so comfortable in handling the items and made sure they were safely loaded in the truck. Last time, everything was in proper condition. So, I hired them and they did it yet again. Cool job!
Isabel Sabrina on 2016-07-07

Highly Recommended!

Our move was on such short notice but I wasn’t really worried because I knew I could trust the people at North Van lines. I reserved my slot and the team arrived as planned. They were on to the job immediately and got all the items loaded within a matter of three hours. For people who actually get paid based on hours, this was an amazing job as a whole. I have had the opportunity to hire them almost a year ago. I was confident that they were the best of the lot. The entire crew proved me one more time that they are simply the best of the best. Good job people and will call you again when I need to move.
Earl Richard on 2016-07-06

Pleasurable experience from start to the end

It might sound insanely funny but I actually feel like moving again because that’s how simplified the process was with North van lines. They were at ease packing the goods, loading them and bringing them to the new residence. They just carried the job with finesse and I am totally satisfied. If I should give some additional points, I think they deserve it for keeping the job clean and using the right tools. It saved a lot of time and made it easier to remove the equipment that should have taken forever, if not for the tools. The crew were on time and had good situational awareness to not break anything while moving.
Jessica Benjamin on 2016-06-30

Responsive and Responsible

Alex, Mathew, Brenner and Rob were the four men team who arrived at my home from North vanlines. They came at least ten minutes earlier and scanned the items to plan things beforehand which was a wise move. Packing was exactly clean and utmost attention was given to fragile items. The crew was not only on time but were responsible in handling my goods as their own and responded to my every query patiently. They were quite aware of a lot of ways to pack things which us, common people may never knew off. Being a pro company, I am sure they would satisfy any customer.
Keith Melvin on 2016-06-29

Reliable and on time service

Punctuality is something I expect from any service provider. The team which was supposed to be on time at my doorstep arrived without a fuss and started packing the items. When I hired North Van lines, I wasn’t really sure if I am doing the right thing. After all, all I have is the reviews and their customer care assurance. But, now I guess I will recommend the company to anyone. They were reliable. I had an issue with the papers because it was an interstate move. The people back in the office were quick to react and they sent me the necessary documents through e-mail. I am thankful to them for their quick response and action.
Steward Carlos on 2016-06-29

Not much stars here to rate them

I would honestly love to have at least stars. North Van Lines deserved it! I really enjoyed their service. Moving is always a tedious task but it can be made much easier if you have a good service provider by your side. These people ensured me and my family didn’t have to move anything. They listened to our instructions and planned their strategy. Without couple of hours, the job was done. All our goods were properly stacked in the truck. The move was done in a day as promised and the quote was decent. I would suggest them to any friend of mine. Thank you so much guys.
Michael Barret on 2016-06-27

Punctual and dedicated right from the start

I made some calls and went through a lot of reviews before hiring North Van Lines. The customer care representative was very supportive. They provided me all the details I needed to know and also helped me with my moving requirements. The representative paid a visit before providing a sample quote. Surprisingly, the final bill was very close to the quote making it easier for budgeting. The crew arrived on time. They spent enough time to pack each item and ensured that they were safely loaded in the truck. I am happy that the reviews were all positive and the company lived up to my expectation.
Ronald Travis on 2016-06-25

Absolutely Amazing

The service provided by North Van Lines was absolutely amazing. These people were great and supportive right from the start. They made sure we were comfortable and took good care of the goods. The items were delivered in perfect condition without any damage. I saw plenty of positive reviews about the company and here I am writing one. Their guaranteed pricing structure was another cherry on the cake. They gave the quote after a representative visited my home. It made it easier for the company to give a quote which didn’t change randomly as it does with some movers. I am glad I found them and look forward to hiring them again if needed.
Alexander Lindsey on 2016-06-24

My all-time favorite movers

North Van lines is easily by all-time favorite moving company. I had the opportunity to use their services about two years ago. I was totally happy with how they meticulously handled the move. My items were packed and safely delivered in the venue. Everything was well organized and reliable. The team led by Jason was at their pinnacle of dedication. I offered them refreshments and they gladly accepted it after a hard day of work. The pricing was actually less than the proposed quote. It made is easier for me to tip the team much higher than I originally planned. I suggested them for my brother’s move and they did a cool job once again.
Lorenzo Jefferson on 2016-06-23

Completely reliable people, every time

The guys who helped me move my home were very calm, planned and did their job meticulously. I always trusted North Van Lines ever since our first move. It has been nearly two years since I hired them. When I did, a new crew arrived and they were courteous as those whom I met a long time ago. The goods were packed and loaded in a streamlined manner. Unfortunately, a large furniture in my home didn’t fit in the truck. I was kind of worried at the moment but it didn’t take long for them to come up with a plan. For a nominal fee, the movers brought a bigger van to move the furniture. Reliable team!
Bourgeois Glenn on 2016-06-22

The best of the best around

North Van Lines has been around for a long time and I am their customer for many years now. I hired them one more time, I guess probably the third time in a row. After experiencing the comfort and the quality of service they provide, it is possible to go for another mover. Besides, they know me well and the customer care representative always assigns the same crew for my orders led by Jack. On the day of the move, the truck arrived in time. The team took time to understand the location and took instructions from us. Once they got to work, it was all over in three hours. Quick job.
Chris Mccarty on 2016-06-20

My All-Time Mover

My search for the right mover has ended almost six months ago when I managed to find North Van lines among plenty of other companies. And, when I hired them again today for a quick move, they proved that they are the best in the industry. I picked them for a friend of mine and it was so seamless right from the start. As they always do, the quote was provided earlier after analyzing through the items in the venue. The end job was perfect and not so surprisingly, the costs were very close to the proposed quote. It is something budget conscious people will always look for and I am one of them.
Phillp Hampton on 2016-06-18


very disappointed with this company. Items damaged and missing. Delivery after 10 pm-tossed in gararge with no time to check all items received. Over $1,000.00 in damages. After filing a complaint, nine months later NVL will settle dispute with refund of $165.00. SHAME ON THEM. BEWARE OF HIDDEN ADDITIONAL COST. SORRY I USED THIS COMPANY.
lucy valentino on 2016-06-17

Thank you reviewers

My first move to college was definitely petrifying because finding the right moving company that offers a good balance of affordability and service quality is not easy. However, I went through many reviews and found North Van lines to be an ideal choice for my requirements. They were punctual as mentioned by many of their customers. The final quote didn’t vary drastically from what was said in the beginning. The team was exceptionally professional. I would have never been able to shortlist this company if not for the many positive reviews. Thank you reviews for making my search easy.
Fredrick Tris on 2016-06-16

Affordable in most scenarios

I have had the opportunity to hire North Van Lines at two different instances and I found their rates to be quite affordable. Like most other customers out there, I prefer spending time to assess what a company has to offer and the cost. These people always provided the lowest quote and there was no compromise in service quality at all. I would like to personally thank Alex, Ben and the rest of the crew. We even had the opportunity to take a selfie with them. Glad I could keep a memory of our amazing move. While I did mention that the company offers best quotes, they offer an equally impressive service making it a complete package.
Rachell Bowmen on 2016-06-15

Customer service was excellent

I have nothing bad to say about the crew who attended to my job. Everything was perfect and they made sure I received all the support I could got. With two bedrooms, it didn’t take long to pack and load my goods. However, the problem came up when we had to reach the neighboring state due to paperwork issues. The customer care people were really supportive and they spoke with multiple sources within a short span of time. It ensured that my belongings were transferred to my new home without any delay. They were really impressive throughout the moving period.
Steve Bussick on 2016-06-14

Efficient crew for your moving needs

Like many customers out there, I always spend time to explore my options before I sign up a company. I did enough research before I shortlisted North Van lines to be my service provider. The guys were just unbelievably good at their job. They never slowed down at all and got the packing done in just six hours. It was definitely a job well done. I would like to think, John, Alex and Jarvi for keeping our goods safe. There was no damage and they managed to pull it off much earlier than expected. I even paid them a generous tip because it was a satisfying job on the whole. Trust me. Just hire them.
Alfon Mckenzie on 2016-06-13

Long distance relocation

I had to move from Manhattan to Las Vegas. Our house consisted of four bedrooms and the number of items to be packed was really many. The North Van lines movers managed to get it all done within four hours. As I paid them hourly, the swift job saved me a good sum and I managed to stay within my budget. As I planned ahead and booked them three weeks earlier, there were no issues at all. However, if you are going to go for a last minute move, the pricing might be bit higher but it’s common with almost every other moving company out there. So, it’s no big deal.
Jacob Tomlinson on 2016-06-13

Pro People

North Van lines is easily the best movers in town. I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The crew was extremely professional and it was obvious that they have done it many times. Packing was impeccable. The guys were professional, knew their techniques and were reliable. I can easily rate them five out of five. The experience was exhilarating. The crew which attended our move had the necessary equipment and were swift. The items were packed uniformly and loaded into the trucks. I am really happy and glad I found these people. Thank you all.
Jenon Deniel on 2016-06-12

Well-Defined and Comprehensive

Our apartment consisted of two bedrooms and we had very limited items at home. I wanted to get the job done with the least expensive. My girlfriend found North Van Lines as her friends suggested it and I guess there is no need to look for another mover, ever again. The crew led by Martin arrived and wanted us to instruct them. They packed and loaded our stuff. The pricing was exactly the same as promised and it was something I am really happy about. They took responsibility and clearly carried it out till the end without any hiccups. Thank you all!
Lewis Morgon on 2016-06-09

Good service every time

I had the chance to hire North Van lines in three different occasions and the guys did a wonderful job every time. The first time, a friend introduced me to the company and I hired them for a small move. The next was for my own home and once again when we shifted to a new house in the same locality. By this time, I am kind of used to the people from the company and can hardly think of hiring someone else. I know them personally and they are really good at what they do. My items have always been delivered in prompt condition. No damages till now. I can easily recommend them for you all.
Tommy princeton on 2016-06-07

Late but an honest review

I know I should have posted my review about North Van lines at least a couple of weeks ago. But, it took me time to get settled and here I am. The storage cartons and other stuff were provided by the company. I asked them to and they brought it without missing them. Pricing was really affordable for both the move and the additional services. Our three-bedroom house required at least five hours or more but because of their prompt planning and organized approach to loading goods, the job was done in four hours. A huge feat for any moving company. While it might sound they did it quickly, the items were intact which was another major plus.
Jonathan Mellisa on 2016-05-30

Best experience ever!

The kind of service North Van Lines provided is something one can’t experience every day and I am honestly sure that once you know what they have to offer, it is tough to hire someone else, ever. The crew consisted of some of the most well trained professionals in the industry who had a clear idea of what to do and how to pack items. My household belongings were in perfection condition when it reached the new address. There were no damages at all even though I did have them all insured, just in case. The crew opted for multi-layered packing and arranged in such a way that no collisions occurred in the truck. A perfect job.
Andrew William on 2016-05-30

Easy relocation

Alex and Joe were the people who guided me throughout the job. I had to go for an interstate move and such services are often considered expensive. But, North Van Lines made it possible in the least possible turnaround time. The service quality, responsiveness were all good too. They meticulously packed all the items which was something not many movers can boast of. Even though, they had to travel hundreds of miles to reach the destination, the goods were in perfect condition. None of them got any sort of damage. The team did a great job and I couldn’t recommend them more.
David Pattrick on 2016-05-29

This is my second time

This is my second time and my experience has been completely satisfying with North Van Lines. I made a call to know how they work and the quote. It was definitely satisfying and most of all was within my budget. I can say they are affordable for most people after using their services twice. The guys who arrived at my home were extremely polite. They sent two different crews and both of them were professionals. They didn’t need to be prompted and the packing was done to perfection. The goods were perfectly safe, especially the fragile ones in my collection. Good job guys!
Jeffrin Ashley on 2016-05-29

Guys, you are just awesome!

My condo was literally filled with stuff when the movers arrived. I was really in a hurry and being the solo resident, I never had the time to put them in boxes. They were really patient, organized and took their own time to pack them all. The packing quality was simple impressive. And, most of all, they didn’t charge anything more than what was originally proposed. Some of the delicate items were wrapped in multiple layers and meticulously loaded into the trucks. Not one of them got damaged and I was pleasantly surprised with their attention to detail.
Donna Henderson on 2016-05-29

Best moving company I have come across

North Van lines is easily one of the best moving company I have come across. They just didn’t drop on moving day but a representative took time to visit my residence much earlier. With three bedrooms, our home is quite big and has lots of goods to be transferred. They provided a clear quote. It made it easy for me to stay within my budget and avoid any extra services. The guys processed the statement of insurance among other necessary documents. Nothing was left out. Utmost care was given to the packed items when loading and unloading. Great packaging too!
Best moving company on 2016-05-28

Very good moving services

The crew which helped me move were really friendly and promptly answered my queries. I had to opt for an interstate move and throughout the process, the representatives from the company kept calling me. North Van Lines is one mover whom I would whole heartedly recommend without any second thoughts. They were really cautious about the goods. Being a musician, I had lots of fragile items at home including some instruments. I packed them earlier but they were the ones who loaded them in the truck. I was really restless at the moment but these guys proved me wrong with their service quality.
Martin Lopez on 2016-05-28

Personal opinion

I came here to share my personal experience with the moving company North Van Lines. I am amazingly impressed by their service and support. The guys offered multiple choices with different quotes and I had the freedom to pick the one I found to be my best match. I clearly remember the name of the guy, Andy who was in touch with us throughout the move. I just can’t recommend the movers without specifying their highlights. They are inexpensive, very good people, friendly, punctual and most of all made sure our belongings were secured when loaded in the truck. Not many can make such claims but these guys could!
Patricia Rogers on 2016-05-26

Insured and reliable

When I started looking for a mover, I was so cautious about the insurances they offer. I wanted to make sure my items are in good hands and if something goes wrong, I should be able to claim them without difficulty. North Van Lines offered me the best of worlds in every perspective and not just insurance. They used protector layers for every furniture making it safe from any scratches. These people really took their time in the new residence as well. I was pleasantly surprised at the way they handled the furniture and placed them. The cost was affordable and customer service was excellent.
Earl Richard on 2016-05-25

Really co-operative people

The crew from North Van Lines were really co-operative. I have had experience with at least two different moving companies. There is often a confusion among such crews and they always like to finish the job as quick as possible. It leads to chaos and sometimes goods getting damaged. Such an experience never existed with this company. They were never hasty at all which was something I never expected a moving company would do. The items were neatly packed and the guys took their time to load in the truck. Be it a local move or an inter-state transfer, these people are the best.
martinez Pierson on 2016-05-24

Just Hire Them!

I am not sure if I remember the name right but it should be Mike. Our entire journey had at least 150 miles because it was an interstate move and the North Van Lines company did it for us. Ours was a two-bedroom residence with plenty of junk items to be packed and transported. They never slowed down or showed signs of frustration. The three guys deserve a special thank you on my behalf. It was easily the best moving experience that I have seen in at least a decade. The packing was simply impeccable. The team was really hard working and dedicated. Five-star rating from me.
Bewienelson on 2016-05-21

Good job

I got an estimate over the phone before committing the job. It was a peak period and there weren’t any vans available. The customer rep couldn’t fix an actual date. I called again after a week and managed to fix a slot. Even though, it was tough initially, they were punctual once we fixed the time and date. The North Van Lines people used electronically marked boxes. It made it easy to track them all and know if something goes missing. Ours was a really long journey as it took nearly two days to reach the new destination. The delivery was totally smooth. A company that one can rely upon.
Johankander on 2016-05-16

Amazing client service

The client service offered by North Van Lines satisfied me to the core. It is easy to recommend them to any of my friends or family. They were completely reliable, responsive and punctual. The job was paid on an hourly basis which made it easier for me to stay within my budget. Goods were taken care of and packing was neat. They brought cartons and boxes as I requested. I purchased them from the moving company which made it easy. The crew even took time to properly arrange them in the new address. I am not sure if others would be so attentive to the work they do.
Tavishjepsen on 2016-05-16

Reliable moving partners

North Van Lines has been my reliable moving partner for at least three years now. I really couldn’t imagine getting all those moves done without their help. This time, I hired them to do an interstate move and it’s obvious that no one could have handled it with such professionalism. They did all the paper work and ensured I was carefree. The customer reps kept calling me two weeks earlier to inform me of the proposed expenses, things I need to sign and everything else. It made things easy on moving day. We packed some of the items and the rest were loaded for a safe, well-planned move.
Akonmorley on 2016-05-14

I think I finally found the people I need

Working with North Van Lines was an amazing experience and I am glad that I found them over the web. Finding a good moving company is not so easy with so many out there. I managed to come across them by reading reviews and they totally lived up to the hype in all manners. The guys, I don’t remember their name exactly, responded to what I need in an orderly fashion. They made sure I was questioned every time a doubt came up. The goods were packed and loaded without hurry. Even though, I am going to pay them on an hourly basis, it was never delayed or done in haste.
Bobspekto on 2016-05-12

Glad I found this company

These guys treated their goods as if it was their own. The last company I hired just dragged goods and damaged some of them. Trust me! Claiming insurance is no easy task which is why it is important to hire a good mover in the first place. I learned the lesson the hard way and found North Van Lines. The moving company’s head called me to ensure everything is going smooth and without any issues. Once the job is done, I got a call from the rep three days later to confirm if my items are intact. I am really impressed with what they had to offer and pricing was definitely on the affordable side.
Tommy Prin on 2016-05-07