As a licensed common carrier, we are required to provide a Limited Liability coverage at no charge to our customers. Under this option maximum liability is limited to $0.60 per pound per article, in the event of damage or loss.

  • Basic Liability - 60 cents per pound/per article. There is no charge for this insurance. North Van Lines, LLC. is limited to the weight, in pounds, of each item times 60 cents. This protection is included in all service rates.
  • Additional liability - North Van Lines, LLC. offers protection beyond basic liability. Replacement cost value insurance can be purchased prior to the move through our insurance company - by calling 1.888.893.8835. It is advisable to check with your own insurance company to be assured of the proper coverage for your specific situation.
  • Was developed to spread risk.
  • Is a contract in which an insurance company (or third party), for a premium, agrees to indemnify the shipper against loss from perils expressly stated in the policy.
  • A co-insurance provision may be applicable.
  • The insured is covered for listed perils and must show that a loss occurred and was a listed peril.
  • Is regulated by each state.
  • There may be 50 different sets of regulations and laws which cover policy rates, claim procedures, statutes of limitations and policy limits.


  • Has its basis in transportation law.
  • Is a level of liability the carrier agrees to assume and, depending upon the level of protection requested by the customer, may result in higher transportation rates.
  • No co-valuation is applicable.
  • Liability is limited to the time in which the goods are in the care, custody and control of the carrier's actions or failure to act that are not excluded by the provisions of the Bill of Lading and Tariff.
  • The methods of handling claims are specified in transportation rules and regulations, the carrier's Bill of Lading and tariffs.
  • Note: Valuation is NOT insurance. Valuation is the amount of liability we will accept for the value of your goods while in our possession. For more information please call: 1-866-915-4010.