Long Distance Moving How Much Does It Cost

Moving need not be as stressful as you assume it might be because it’s all about planning your schedule and budget so that things go smooth. Knowing the average long distance cost is not tough because it’s usually multiplying the total cost for a local move. The only additional cost is stuff like toll fee, tipping the professionals and hotel costs, if you may have to stay outside for a day or two. Here’s a detailed breakup of the different expenses associated with it, ways to save some cash and get through it in a successful manner.

Type of Move

Going for a long distance moving company is the best way to go about it because they have a detailed idea of how things work and will be able to notify you of additional costs if any. A local mover may not be aware of so many factors at once. But, most service providers offer you two different options to choose from. You can either go for a full service move or choose to do it on your own while renting the trucks to get the goods across. There are many pros and a few cons associated with each type.

Average Costs

Full service is a suitable choice for you especially if your family is comprised of young kids who couldn’t contribute much to the packing. The labors from the company will take care of everything right from the packing the goods, loading them into trucks and help unload them in your new address. It’s more convenient as you may not have to worry about being there all the time or do every job on your own, especially if you are short on man power. This type of move is always the highest priced of them all because on an average, any company would charge you between $8000 and $10,000 for long distance, full service relocation. For the amount you pay, you can easily move a four bedroom house. The company will provide four employees, the van as well as equipment to load them in. It is the best way because they ensure your goods are in safe hands.

However, if you are really in a tight budget and has no option but to save cash wherever possible, seek help from neighbors and friends to go for a self-move option. When you get your free moving quotes, you can specify that all you need is the truck rental.

Confirm the quality of the service through mover reviews before you sign them up. Truck rentals can cost anywhere between $800 to $1000 but fuel costs and surcharges will be extra. The cost will increase based on distance, toll fee among other factors. Additional insurance costs approximately at $100 and cleaning costs at $150 is common with most companies. You can consider moving labors who may charge $30 per hour and at least three to four persons are mandatory. The time spent in travel will be charged extra. You should also add accommodation costs for the entire family until the relocation is done.