Relocation Packages

A wide variety of relocation packages are offered by companies and each one of them is designed to meet individual requirements. Moving is not only about packing your goods and leaving to a new location, but it is also about offering additional services that you might need.

Know more about the packages available and their possible usage scenario.

Available Services and Packages

Full service move – The first and foremost service offered by most moving companies. A full service as the name suggests allow you to sign a contract and let them take care of the job. Everything including packing, loading, labor and truck rentals will be part of the quote which allows you to plan your budget without difficulty.

Truck rentals – A service in which you pay a rent for the truck and rent them for a specific period. Most companies allow you to park the vehicle for at least three days near your residence so that you can load the goods at a decent pace. The labor will not be provided but there is an option to hire them for hourly costs.

Childcare assistance – An important service that becomes useful when you have children at home and they need special care during the relocation process. Children tend to get into the path when heavy objects are being moved and it creates a risky scenario. With assistance, a person will be assigned to take care of them. They can either seclude them in a room or even take them out to the nearest park until packing and loading is done.

Storage services – Storage services become extremely important. You can use it to either store items for a temporary period or for prolonged period in case you are moving to college or need time to find a new residence. The cost will be based on the weight of the goods that you store. If you require special services, such as increased security or temperature control, the cost will be a bit higher.

Misc services – There will be a couple of additional services when moving to a new home. You can check movers reviews to confirm if the company offers these services which includes cleaning carpets, helping vehicle registration in new city, drapery installation and utility services. This is one other package that you could make use of.

Property Rental and Management services – The Company may offer service packages that help you maintain your property for a specific period of time. There are occasions when one has to go out of town for six months or so. In other scenarios, you may have to shift on short notice and it is tough to find a tenant for your property or sell it. With this service, you can seek help from the professionals to either sell or rent or simply maintain your property until you could make a final decision.

Most moving companies also offer insurance coverage, damage protection and other policies. When you acquire a quote, talk to them to know more about their relocation packages and avail the ones that you might need.